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Disneyland and The Western Washington Fair

September 1st, 2016

Disneyland and The Western Washington Fair

The trip to Mt St Helens was a sucess. It was a beautiful summer day, no traffic and not a cloud in the sky. I have a few photos from the trip posted and up for sale. I learned a lot from this day trip, for example, the landslide was the largest in recorded history!
Next week we will be leaving for Disneyland! We went last year, same time, and were able to celebrate the 60th Anniversary.

This trip, we will be going just after the celebration has ended. I will share photos when we get back but for up to date photos, see my instagram posts.

Here in Western Washington it is Fair season. This means rides, fried everything, scones, games, rodeos, concerts, and lots and lots of traffic. I'll post photos of the fair on both the website and instagram. The fair has been around since 1900 and I still refer to it as the Puyalup Fair. There is a lot of history surrounding the fairgrounds here in Puyallup, Washington, most of it is fun and exciting news. Sadly, the fair does have it's dark side. I will try to capture the fair as best I can, representing the many diverse aspects it offers.

The Seahawk and the Volcano

August 15th, 2016

The Seahawk and the Volcano

It's a gorgeous summer day here in the Pacific Northwest. If you
are fortunate enough to live here or to have visited, you know
that there are many things we PNWesterners are very proud of.
Let's talk about two of those things.

The first is football, the Seattle Seahawks to be exact. And
this passionate photographer is also a passionate 12. I was able
to spend a day at training camp earlier this month and I get to
watch my beloved Hawks train again tomorrow.

I'll be using a Nikon D7000 and Nikon 70 - 200 2.8 VRii with extender tomorrow and will be focusing in on
passing, tackles, and zooming in to show just how intense these guys are!

Sport photography can be challenging. Things happen quickly. You have to be ready
to capture that rough and tough tackle, that gazelle leap of a catch, and that tiptoe along the line for a touchdown! And as we 12's say, I'M IN!

The second item on the proud list for this week is also one of the deadliest things we have here.
Mount Saint Helens famously erupted back in 1980 and every now and then likes to remind us of that explosion and just how powerful it is. As if we would forget! And in case we do, we have
several other volcanos in our state that every now and then get the jitters and give us a little earthquake or two...or three.

I will be visiting the Gifford Pinchot National Forest this week and expect to take photos of this
majestic volcano and share the incredible beauty of this state with you. Iíll be using Nikon D7000 and Sony RX100

Most these photos will be available for purchase within the next week. They will make excellent gifts. May I suggest greeting cards or art prints?

Please check back later and Go Hawks!